While our main business is made-to-measure men's tailoring we're happy to help with alterations where we can however, please note:

Our normal turnaround is 7-10 days
If you need something quicker then we can point you in the direction of a Soho tailor whom we'd recommend.

Our pricing reflects that the work is carried out by professional alteration tailors.
As a guide, to shorten a pair of suit trousers would be around £23 and to take in the waist would be £25. 
Shortening sleeves on a suit jacket costs £43-63 depending on how the work needs to be done. 
Other kinds of adjustments have different costs and we can tell you that upfront but we usually have to see the garment in order to do so.
We're straightforward and won't undertake anything we think isn't worth your while.

Most menswear tailors would rather run a mile than handle a floaty dress. If you'd like to alter delicate/beaded/multilayered/stretch/wedding dresses, skirts or tops please send us an email and we'll forward on a specialist contact.

Please do make an appointment
 before heading over as although we are happy to see you, access to our building is by appointment only. 
Our working hours are typically weekdays 10am to 7pm.